[Place pictures, video, and embedded objects here to demonstrate the basic skills
of your tool or technology]

Points to Remember
  1. Describe the fundamental skills necessary to use the tool or technology you are teaching.
  2. Describe how to create a new file.
  3. Describe how to save.
  4. Describe menu bars or tools.

Below, you will find information about embedding, inserting pictures and video and more Google Site tools.  You can also find this information on the Using Google Sites page of the Wikispace at the following link:

NOTE:  When inserting pictures, videos, or links you will need to start by clicking on 'edit page' to gain access to the editing toolbar

How to insert a picture
You will need to click 'browse' to find image to upload

How to insert a video
When inserting a video from YouTube, you will need to upload it Google Video or YouTube before inserting your video
on your site.

How to insert a hyperlink
You can choose from three options: create links to existing pages or a new page created. You can also insert a web address link by choosing by clicking the 'web address' tab.

How to Embed

You can embed a variety of objects from RSS feeds to video.  This is an example of how to embed a Prezi.  Click on the play arrow below to step through the following Prezi.  You may also open it full screen by clicking on the More button.  The left arrow will take you back a step.

Embedding in Google Sites on Prezi

How to Add a Page to Your Site

How to Remove a Page From Your Site

How to Embed a Jing Video
This is slightly more complicated than embedding other objects.  You will have to modify the HTML code so the video fits.